This handsome fella stands nearly 8 1/2 feet tall, weighs 1 1/4 tons, may or may not be human, and was so big when he was born that it took two women to give him birth. His matches as a masked lucha libre wrestler are legendary accross the universe as are his many films which pit him against monsters, madmen, aliens, and other social outcasts. He's cuddled a lot of vampire women too! Recently, it has been discovered that most of his "movies" were actually documentaries of him working for the Mexican government as a secret agent of fortune. No one living has ever seen the true face of El Mucho Grande --  not even the love of his life, the mysterious Black Rose. The only time he ever removes his mask is on Christmas Eve when he becomes "El Santo Claus" and delivers day old buttermilk biscuits to the underground kingdom of the Mole People. He resides in a secret crime trailer and likes to eat cheese and onion sandwiches.

El Mucho Grande blasts off wearing his El Mucho Battle Armor, invented by Dr. Maxi Mole..





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