red03 Bored to tears by the rarified life he leads as one of the pillars of society's upper crust, Skip Toomaloo -- independently wealthy layabout, who made his fortune as a circus roustabout -- nightly dons the crimson cloak, snap brim hat, night vision goggles and herring bone suit of The Red Herring, nemesis of the underworld..!

Aided occasionally by his ex-roller derby queen girlfriend, Lotta Moxie, Skip (as The Red Herring) wages his war with the forces of evil right under the noses of the police...

red04Never convicted of a crime (that anyone can prove) nor sire to any child (that we know of)... The Red Herring is, nonetheless, hunted and haunted by the law and the minions of the civil service...

es, Skip (a.k.a. The Red Herring) is the slap upside the head with a wet fish... for crime!

The sinister and seedy underworld mobs all over the great metropolis of Noirsville tremble at The Red Herring's fearsome battle cry "Something smells fishy here!"



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